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We are going to Rock the Fast Food Industry.

There are so many fast food workers in America and they need a place to De-Stress. A place to go after a “bad day” to learn they are not alone. To hear stories or get ideas from others who have been in the business, plus get a little stress relief and fun.

Finally, a place for FIRED, QUIT, OR LET GO Fast Food and Restaurant Workers, to gather with CURRENT Workers and tell America, some of the bull they experienced while working. What was unfair, uncalled for, humiliating and hurtful. Fines, Fees, and things you had to pay for. Unfair punishment, write-ups, or discipline, and the list goes on.

Way to frequently someone else leaves crying or on bad terms. There is a real problem in Fast food and it has to STOP.

CUSTOMERS and MANAGERS, feel free jump in to participate also. Maybe help someone out if you can.

CURRENT Fast Food Employees, jump in and comment whenever you want, so your voice can be heard also. ( YOU ARE TOTALLY ANONYMOUS. SO DO NOT USE – NAMES, PLACES, FACES, DATES, INFORMATION or FACTS THAT WOULD COMPROMISE YOUR UNANIMITY OR GET YOU FIRED )!!!!!!

Fast Food Lane or it’s associates are not liable for ANYONES mistakes leading to you getting fired.

Short and sweet, Everyones Welcome at Fast Food Lane, so Please step up to the counter, and let your feelings be known.

Only one thing we ask is, Lets keep it real, facts are facts. If it was your fault then admit it, but if it was their fault then, Please Proclaim it!

By the way there’s no charge here at Fast Food Lane, and refills are free.

So bring home a burger or fries and hang out here with the rest of the crew after your shift, for a cool down lap around,

FAST FOOD LANE at (bookmark it)

Tell your co-workers and feel free to I.M. and Text everybody while you’re here. Were open 24 hr’s so come on in.

Now you can either visit the “Why Fast Food Lane Page” for more details about our mission, or just jump in because,

This is your Place, You are The Champions and by the way, LOITERING IS ALLOWED.

Smallfriechef. 😉


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